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Classroom Lecture

Young people deserve greater access to the policies, processes, and people shaping their education.


All of the bills below are from the Washington state 2023 legislative session, and they are currently being discussed and debated by legislators. There are many opportunities for young people and other advocates to take action and get involved in these issues. These are some bills that may be of particular interest to young people and others in the education advocacy space. Check back frequently for updates and additions.


Senate Bill 5237

[Bill has not progressed]

This is a bill about how students and families can file formal complaints at school. 


House Bill 1207

[Bill is progressing]

This bill is about how schools can better prevent harassment, bullying, and discrimination.


House Bill 1541

[Bill is progressing]

This bill would make sure people with lived experience are better included in government processes. 

Eager for more information about a particular education bill or topic?
Leave us a message using the red "Contact Us" button, and we will do our best to get you what you need and add requested resources.

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