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The future of education advocacy work is making way for youth voice and leadership.

Take part in the Youth Education Advocates Series!​

We know that students are the people most impacted by education policy and advocacy, and we want to create more space for youth voices in this important work. We are committed to leveling the advocacy playing field and empowering young people to become our state’s key thinkers, advocates, and leaders in the education space.

We are calling on young people to share their voices by crafting a powerful blog post, op-ed, video essay or other advocacy piece on an education issue that matters to them. Learn more and participate by contacting us.

Youth Education Advocates Series

Explore the work of our published authors 

Get Involved

Want to share your voice and be a featured author?

Then take part in the Youth Education Advocates Series! We are looking for young people interested in the opportunity to produce a blog, op-ed, video essay, or other advocacy piece about education issues that matter to them. See below for information, guidelines, and how to get involved.


Prompt Choices

What factors contribute to your feeling safe and included at school? How can educators, administrators, and lawmakers create these environments?
What changes would you like to see in the way Washington funds schools? How could this improve yours and other students’ experiences?
What is an education bill from the 2023 session (whether it passed or not) that you care about? Why does this bill matter to you?
What are some important education issues that have not been addressed by leaders, and how would you recommend advocates help build momentum and support for them in the coming year?
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Youth In Action

For more inspiration, check out other young people in Washington who are putting education advocacy into action.

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